Aug 20, 2015
Medical Student (Accepted)
As said above I have a cGPA of 3.63 and a BCPM GPA of 3.6 along with a 510 MCAT

I have over 150 shadowing hours with varying specialties
I worked as a scribe in an ER and logged over 200 hours
I have been involved with biochemical research for two years (I have also presented this research at two conferences)
In the lab, I was a mentor to a high school student for a semester
I also volunteer with a local pregnancy center (I would like to be an OBGYN) and a hospital auxillary
Lastly, I am the Vice President for a pre-medical society

Thanks in advance for your input!!


2+ Year Member
May 5, 2015
If in fact you are a MS resident like your title suggests consider yourself rather lucky as you have a very strong shot at your state school. Outside of that, you seem like a solid candidate for the majority of lower tier MD schools that are favorable to OOS residents. Invest in MSAR, look at schools that have stats relatively close to yours(ie within 2 MCAT points or so) and come back with a list that can then be edited.