3.7 cGPA, 3.65 sGPA, 26 MCAT

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green lantern

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Nov 8, 2012
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ECs: over 200 hours of volunteering, 2 service trips to Boston and New York, Resident Assistant, 2 years on my college's basketball team. I am an Ohio Resident.

Taking a Year off after graduation and working in a hospital full time.

Standardized test has always been a struggle for me even thought my GPA is high.

What would be my chances in getting into DO schools and which schools would be good to apply to?

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Probably should have posted this in pre-osteo rather than pre-allo.
Either way, your stats are good. Apply early and broadly. You should get several interviews.
As for which schools: look at the average scores accepted into schools and apply to the ones you are competitive at. You can throw in a few reaches, too.
Good luck! :luck:
chances are outstanding