May 18, 2011
Hey, I am trying to figure out if I have a chance at UT Southwestern being out of state.

sgpa and cgpa are both 3.83
MCAT : 34Q (12/12/10)

Hospital Internship - 240hrs
Free Clinic Volunteer - 15 hrs (just started)
Shadowing ~ 50 hrs
Various Community Service ~100 hrs
Leadership - Social Fraternity (held several leadership positions), Involved on campus (freshman orientation program and other groups).
Tutoring ~ 40hrs
Other random ECs like employment every summer, and some during school.

No research....

Basically I am just wondering if it would be a waste of my money/time to apply to UT Southwestern out of state. I already have my AMCAS submitted and verified, and I made the late decision to start the TMDSAS (for all I know, it may be too late). Any advice would be helpful, thanks!
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Jul 11, 2010
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Your stats are good, but no research could definitely be working against you at UT-Southwestern. Can you start on a project or something now? Maybe you could send an update?

I would say apply. It's worth a 100 dollars rather than thinking whether you had a chance at it or not later. You never know unless you try. Good luck!
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