3.84 cGPA, 3.8 sGPA

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Jul 10, 2016
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  • I am almost done with my biology prerequisites and have a 3.84 cGPA & ~3.8 sGPA.
  • I have almost 300 hours of volunteering experience at a major trauma hospital's intensive care unit.
  • I am the volunteer coordinator of the intensive care unit (I oversee ten volunteers).
  • I have shadowed critical care and palliative care doctors, pathologists, and a surgeon, for a total of 60 hours.
  • I have almost 1000 hours of private care-giver experience for a paraplegic.
  • I recently began doing research.
  • I will finish my undergrad in three years at a public university of California.
  • I will be a transfer student to the university from a community college.
  • I will take the MCAT in two years.
I plan to apply to medical schools in three years. How am I doing so far? How can I improve?


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Oct 22, 2013
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maybe do some broader care with the underserved, poor, immigrants, mentally ill, drug addicted, or some hobbies or interests or EC's that are unrelated to medicine

from a box checking standpoint and clinical experience standpoint, looks good, but I think you need a little "rounding"
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