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3 Days before DAT?

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Full Member
10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Jul 28, 2007
  1. Pre-Dental
First of all, you should stop visiting this forum at least a week before your test to get your nerves down. Secondly you should review what you learned, and, depending on your study habits, either cram till the very last minute or relax and study what you've learned so far at a slow pace. Oh, and relax during the test.
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Jun 14, 2008
  1. Pre-Dental
I havent taken the test yet. but from my experience with stand. tests i have realized and come to the conclusion taht if you are comft. taking a practice test. then treat the real one like a practice. get off this forum and just enjoy urself. one more thing, dont WATCH TV for more then 1 hour. just grab a book and read. or do wat i did the friday before my SAT lol go skydiving.
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
May 20, 2008
San Francisco
  1. Dental Student
whats this piano passge everyone has been talking about?

Ok NORMALLY the passages are mostly about tracking information and with one or two questions asking about the tone of the passage or how the author thinks .etc

The piano passage......ya it's not about tracking info at all. So for people like me who reads pretty slow (english is my second language), and have been using the search and destroy method on the reading comp, it just completely took me out of my comfort zone. I REALLY had to read the passage, let it digest in the brain, then think about how to answer the questions. There is no way you could track anything directly off the passage. For example, you'll read something then the questions will ask.....if you did this, what would happen to the piano, if something happens, what's wrong with it.etc

To be honest, I DID NOT EVEN finish reading the passage. I gave up half way through the passage thinking...holy crap!!!! what is this shXXT!!! Nothing makes sense!!! I pretty much just guessed on the most logical answers and moved onto the 3rd passage. I somehow got a 19 on RC and that REALLY REALLY is a miracle. I was serisouly ready to see someething like a 15 or a 16 on my RC.
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