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36 on Kaplan FL 6. How accurate are Kaplan tests


Determined Member
Nov 29, 2012
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hey y'all I scored a 36 10/15/11 on Kaplan FL 6. I was wondering how representative their tests are. I have taken several gold standard tests and score between 30-33 on those but nothing like a 36. Also I missed a few VR questions so idk how that can still be a 15... Are their tests standardized somehow? What have been your experiences


    Full Member
    7+ Year Member
    Dec 20, 2011
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      IIRC, Kaplan's scales were way too lenient but their questions were harder to make up for it. Missing a few questions and getting 15 would never happen on an AAMC. I think I generally had inflated science scores from Kaplan and lower verbal scores but I'm sure it varies depending on where your strengths are. I'm a physics major so harder physics questions and an easier scale balanced out my careless mistakes to give me very high PS scores.

      Essentially, I would use them just to learn instead of as a diagnostic.
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