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40 hrs. a week as a neurosurgeon poss?


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Apr 24, 2006
Tally/Willkillya County
  1. Medical Student
    Hmmm..I'll let the qualified people answer that but I think you'd have to be damn efficient to pull 40 hours a week off...I mean 40 really isn't THAT much. I work 25 hours as an undergraduate student right now...on top of 18 to 20 credit hours and all my other activities......still have time to party. ;)


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    Mar 19, 2006
    1. Medical Student
      I don't think it's possible.

      I think a better question to ask is this: If you're only interested in working 40 hrs a week, why wouldn't you pick another specialty? It seems to odd to me that someone would opt to kill themselves during neurosurg residency and once they can get out, work, and make dough, choose not to.
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