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Jul 8, 2006
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What rotations did those of you who are already radiology residents or applying this year take up until december of 4th year?

im not really sure what to take...to do a medicine AI vs surgical AI, how many aways to do (let alone where to do aways), what non radiology electives to take.

help? thanks.


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Feb 9, 2007
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Do a rotation at your home institution and consider one or two aways at places you think you really would like to go to. This won't necessarily guarantee you an interview, but in most cases it should, assuming you were well liked. Talk to your PD at your home school about who goes where with you type of background and prepare yourself to answer questions about your motivations (you may want to provide him with a copy of your CV, 1-2 pgs max, to give him a reference point). Think about who would write you the best LORs. If the surgeons at your school write poorly, aren't interested in non-surgery candidates, or are unreliable, consider doing the IM subI first. Rads doesn't really have a broad set of requirements so consider taking clerkships that you find interesting, and if you can learn a little about radiology and how it relates to those fields, so much the better. Lastly, consider a little research if you have time. PD may help with that, or you may find faculty that might help. Good luck!


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Jul 23, 2002
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Great advice above.

After doing the important stuff, like the radiology rotations and school requirements, I did a lot of different things that were pretty imaging heavy, like neurology, ICU, all kinds of surgery subspecialties, and believe it or not, forensic path. It was a great review of anatomy during the autopsies, and since they take x-rays of all the bodies before, I saw some really cool images. It was fun, and something I'd probably never get the chance to do again.
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