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May 18, 2006
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I had posted in the seperate thread about the books (Kaplan,FA,BRS,Qbank) and available time (2 months full time).
It was freat to recieve replies boosting my confidence but again i'm a bit confused abt the study plan and would like to have pearls from fellow sdn members about hat should be correct "strategy" to study/review in this much time.
What to start with? Kaplan followed by FA or otherwise?
How abt BRS patho,physio? do i need to read these subjects from kaplan too?
How to use Qbank? for assessment or as a study tool?
I also have kaplan dvds. Is it worth investing time in them specially when 5 weeks r left? i that case which are good to listen?

just for sake of repetition-
I have following material-
First Aid-2006
Kaplan 2005 notes + Qbook + DVD lectures
BRS- Patho, physio, behavioural schience, Immuno, Biostats.
Goljan Audio + notes

I'd appreciate the help from all of you as this forum has helped me a lot till now about orientation of exam, content and books to read....


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Jul 25, 2003
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do a sdn search for "step 1 study guides" and look for a thread started by Jalby...
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