Step 1 Study Plan

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Sep 18, 2019
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I'm feeling like there might not be enough time to do Pathoma + BnB + UWorld + Sketchy Micro / Pharm + Osmosis on top of studying for class and other commitments as a med student. However, I feel like my base is weak and I want to make sure I strengthen it to perform well on test day, obviously. Does anybody have advice about the order of priority of the above resources over the next ~5 months to be in a position to pass?

Strategy #1: I've started contemplating just doing a certain number of UWorld questions every day (determined such that I finish all of them by test day) and making complementary Anki cards and then consulting other resources (Pathoma + BnB + Sketchy Micro / Pharm + Osmosis) as needed for topics I feel UWorld explanations don't do justice for my needs. My fear is that all my time on UWorld could crowd out time that would be better spent on filling knowledge gaps through BnB, Pathoma, Sketchy, etc.

Strategy #2: Set up a specific quota of primary review resources for each day (i.e. 2 sketchy, 2 BnB), then do as many UWorld questions as possible once I've met my primary learning resource quota.

Any thoughts?

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