5 years Medicine at University of Malta 2011

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Apr 26, 2011
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Hi Guys,

I'm a 21 year old British student...i will graduate with a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences...and wishing to apply for 5 years Medicine and Surgery at University of Malta to start Oct 2011.

Didn't get replies from admissions to my emails and hence asking here...could anyone help me with the following please:

1.) Deadlines- on their website, it says deadline was February 2011 but when I rang them, they said its 22nd July 2011. which is right?

2.) Do they require any entrance tests - like UKCAT, MCAT or any university entrance test?

3.) Entry requirements for this course - I have higher second class (2.1) bachelors degree and A-levels as below...would that be ok? whats the minimim they need...eg UK uni require like a minimum of 2.1 and for alevels its normally AAB...whats theirs?

Also, below are my attributes...do you think they'll accept me?

School Leaving Certificate (equivalent to GCSEs) - 77%
A-Levels - Maths(B), Biology (C), Chemistry (C), AS-Level Physics (C)
BSc(Hons) Biomedical Sciences - predicted 2.1 degree
IELTS - 7.5 overall
UKCAT Score - 647.5
Work experience/Activities:
- Work shadowing doctors in a Hospital
- Working as a Support Worker supporting people with learning disabilities
for the last
3 years
- Volunteered in a charity shop every
- Volunteered as a Course Representative at University
- University Ambassador in the Rugby Carnegie Challenge Cup at Wembley
Stadium in London
- University Representative for Oxford University Press for Biosciences

Would be massively grateful if anyone could advise me please. Thanks a lot.

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Hi, I'm a local medical student. Can't answer all you questions but:

1) Deadlines for local students are July, because that's when we receive the A level results that allow us to qualify for the course. Foreign students go through a different application process, so it's possible that the deadline was in February and you missed your chance. I'd advice contacting the International Student Office rather than the Admissions office, as they might have mistaken you for a local applicant.

2) No entrance tests required, thought you might need to sit an English proficiency test.....but you're British, so that should not be required.

3) Local applicants require 3 Bs in Chemistry, Biology, and another subject, as well as a pass in Systems of Knowledge, OR a first degree in certain courses (e.g. nursing, physiotherapy etc). I am not sure whether they require a certain degree (ie whether first or second class make a difference), your best bet would be to email/call someone and ask if the information is not available online.

Based on what others on here have said, they might require you to take some extra exams in September in chem/bio etc, and you will definitely need to go for an interview.

Again I am of limited help as local applicants go through a different process, your best bet is to email/phone people at the uni. Hope I helped.