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May 27, 2015
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I am an American/Canadian dual citizen with no state of residence. Thus, I will be considered OOS applicant for all schools.

cGPA=3.88 and sGPA=3.88. Have 3 MCAT scores

first time= 31) 11P/9V/11B

second time= 30) 12P/8V/10B

third time= 513) 129P/126C/130B/128pscyh

From what I am seeing it is looked down upon to rewrite if you can't improve your scores significantly in the states. However, for Canadian medical schools they only look at recent scores and that is why I wrote multiple times to try and improve my score.

ECs include:

-Surgical Department Co-op student (high school) - 300 hours

-Hospital Health Records volunteer - 88 hours

-Emergency Department volunteer - 250 hours

-Orthopaedic Department visit volunteer - 45hours

-part time high school tutor

-Dragon Boat athlete for 4 years at my university (also coached 2 years as off-season Head Coach for my team)

-Attended a national event in Canada for Dragon Boat 2 years in a row (silver and bronze medal in different categories)

-Summer Research Assistant (full time) at a Chemistry lab for 1 summer -640 hours

-60-70 hours of shadowing (Orthopedic Surgery Clinic, general surgery, Endoscopy department, Anesthesiologist)

-Co-founder of club “Students for Children’s Health” and Raised over $5000 for the local Children’s Hospital

Currently I have 32 schools in mind, however, I wanted to cut the list down to 25. I wanted to ask a favour of the experts on SDN in helping to reduce my list down by 7 schools.







Indiana University




Medical College of Wisconsin

New york Medical College


Penn State


Sidney Kimmel

Commonwealth Medical college




University of Central Florida


University of Miami


University of Rochester

South Carolina (Greenville)

Virginia Commonwealth

Wake Forest

Wayne state

West Virginia

Western Michigan

Wright State

Thank you in advance! :)


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May 5, 2015
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Marshall requires in state ties or to be from a bordering state to be eligible for OOS consideration. Easy to remove.
Your service and clinical experience is light for Rush who's average matriculant is at 800 and 1800 hours of those respectively. They also have the worst OOSapp/OOS matriculant ratio out of any of these privates with more than 7k apps in the country. Scratch
Missouri KC tends to fill up their OOS class with people from special programs(ie the 6 year BS/MD) and neighboring states. Another easy choice to toss.
Toledo takes over half of its OOS class from Michigan and many others from their special programs. Another option Id delete.
TCMC is about 6000 OOS apps for 20-25 OOS spots. A very low yield option, ditch it.
You dont fit what Brown is looking for and that's another school with 8000 apps for after you include special programs is maybe only 50-60 spots. Delete.
UCF will be another low yield option that's probably worth scratching.

There's your seven.

Hofstra, Cincinnati, Greenville and perhaps even Rochester as well as Wright State are going to be pretty low yield as well. WVU tends to take mostly people from bordering states as well as those with significant IS ties for their OOS class although it's not a terrible option. USF has a really nice OOSapp/matriculant ratio although it's somewhat misleading. All in all these can provide more schools you can cut from though, particularly the first 4 I listed.

Throw in Saint Louis and Vermont onto your list as well maybe Tulane as well. As a side note with 3 MCAT scores it would really help to have a state school if it's possible at all to establish residency anywhere in the near future.
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