8-9 on PS and BS

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Jan 15, 2013
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I've recently done Kaplan FL 1-5 as well as AAMC 3, 4, and 5. I keep getting a constant 8-10 on the PS and BS on all of these exams. But every time I go over them, I realize these are all simple mistakes. For instance, I miss a line in the passage that clearly answered that question. I did some intense post-exam analysis and realized, for me personally, of the ~17 PS mistakes and ~15 BS mistakes, only 4 or 5 were hard in each section (as in I would honestly get wrong). But the other ones are questions I should and NEED to be getting correct. I know I'm capable of that 12-13 on each section, but what am I doing wrong? How should I go about fixing this? My real mcat is April 24, so I'm running out of time and seeing NO improvement :(. Thanks for your advice, good luck to all April testtakers!

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If you honestly believe that the vast majority of questions that you're missing are due to carelessness, then you need to find a way to be more focused during the test. For me, I amp myself up before each section. I go over in my head a sort of mantra (i.e. be analytical, be critical, prove why the correct answer is correct, etc.) and then go into the section with focus.
I have the same problem. Throw out the timer for now and just do some practice passages. You need to practice your general test taking skills. Go into each question and basically imagine someone with a gun to your head waiting for you to get a wrong answer. The ONLY excuse for missing questions is if you did not know the required content.

My MCAT is on the same day. good luck!
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