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Sep 3, 2016
Hey everyone. So finally finished the DAT yesterday morning. Thank goodness it's over. It's been a long and draining summer. Here are my scores.

RC - 23
QR- 22
PAT- 23
BIO- 22
GC- 21
OC- 19
TS- 20
AA- 21

Study Tools: Kaplan, DAT Bootcamp, Chad's Videos, DAT Destroyer, Cliffs AP Biology, Gen Chem Destroyer, Math Destroyer

Reading: Enjoyable passages that were mostly search and destroy. I didn't even need to take notes on the last one it was so easy to read and the questions only took like 4 minutes. This was so surprising!

QR: Honestly, I remember barely anything from this section. I think it was more like muscle memory at this point. I do remember there were barely any geometry questions and they were mostly algebra questions which you could just pick numbers for! Very similar to DAT Bootcamp and Math Destroyer.

PAT: I was a PAT pro. This section proved me wrong. I thought it was much more difficult than what I'd seen and practiced before. I was still able to do fine, but angles and keyholes, and even TFE were much more unclear than on any practice I'd done. Also, timing became an issue for me here which is weird because I'd never experienced that before. Maybe because of stress?

BIO: This was the biggest shock for me as I literally got a 15 in Bio on a DAT Bootcamp test 3 weeks ago. I worked my butt off for that grade. It was mostly cell bio and genetics. I had a few basic ecology and anatomy questions too with about 6 or 7 randoms you had to do your best on.

GC: I had a mini breakdown three days before the test as I thought I was underestimating GC and I didn't know anything. This GC section thankfully only texted on very basic stuff. There was like one acid base question and like 15 on periodic trends. So maybe I got lucky and my prayers paid off. ALSO- Chad and my Kaplan course always said to be ready to estimate the math, so for the past 3 months I've been practicing it. NOT ONCE DID YOU HAVE TO ESTIMATE MATH. EVERY PROBLEM WAS WRITTEN OUT- so basically it was like setting up the equation. I'm not complaining, but ugh!

OC: I was extremely strong in OC going into it and I think I just got a bad section, which happens! It was very difficult reactions that were written oddly with weird conceptual questions on top of that. I did my best but obviously this was where I scored the lowest. It could have been much worse though!

Study Tools:

Kaplan: Looking back Kaplan was probably more of a waste of time than a help, but it did get me into study mode so I guess it was useful for that. And the books that came with it were ok. Just know, the class isn't gonna teach you much.

DAT Bootcamp: THE BEST TOOL YOU WILL FIND! Everything is so on par with the difficulty and the material found on the DAT, I kid you not- I had 4 questions written almost verbatim to DAT Bootcamp. 10/10 would recommend for everyone. The best study tool out there.

Chad's Videos: Fantastic as always!

AP Bio: The best book to use. When combined with the Kaplan Blue Book, it provides a very thorough Bio study guide.

Destroyer: Here's where I'm going to get murdered. I truly believe that the Destroyer wasn't for me. I went through and did the Bio destroyer by taking notes on the questions and I guess that helped a little bit. But every time I did the Orgo and Gen Chem sections, I got very overwhelmed and just found myself unable to really do it. Would I have scored higher had I done them? Possibly, but in my opinion it wasn't worth my mental health. I think I scored just fine without it. I think Math Destroyer was good, and I think that the General Chemistry Destroyer Notes Book was a fantastic resource. I just wasn't a fan of the questions that were completely unlike anything you were gonna see on the DAT. I don't know. It obviously works for some people, but I just wasn't a fan.

Overall, I'm happy it's over and proud of my scores. Hard Work does pay off!


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Sep 2, 2016
Great job ! I took it the same day as you as we got the same AA. I know the feeling of a very long summer.


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Aug 7, 2015
Same scores in qr reading and PAT haha. Congrats. Great scores!
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