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a bit of perspective


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Sep 5, 2000
    Just wanted to share my thoughts after browsing this site... I am starting med school in the fall at Mayo. I didn't decide to go to medical school until my last year of undergrad and spent my senior year taking premed courses with freshmen and sophomores while my friends took senior bowling electives and had a bit more fun. I went to a community college and a state university. I got good grades and fairly good MCAT scores, but not anything out of this world. I did research in the social sciences for a few years, but no hardcore science benchwork. What I did do, however, was volunteer in areas that I was excited about, both to be excited about talking about what I did and to avoid spending endless hours doing activities I hated just to put them on my resume. And in my personal statement and interviews, I was honest about my aspirations, motivations and life. This sounds so basic but I don't think that many interviewers hear applicants speak candidly and honestly rather than saying what they think someone else wants to hear. Applying to medical school is chaotic, frustrating and time and money-consuming, but don't forget to live while you are preparing to apply to medical school and become a doctor and to continue to figure out who you are and who you would like to become in the midst of this vast medical world. Most people only get one life to live (reincarnation believers nonwithstanding)...enjoy it and make it an experience in which you feel happy, fulfilled, honest and inspired to learn. And Good Luck!


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    Jun 18, 2001
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    1. Attending Physician
      Most people who don't know how to live cause they are doing the "med school dance" prolly wont start living it up from one guy's posting.

      Some people, I found, live and act accordingly to fit a certain role. Others ignore the preconception of their role and define character they are supposed to play. Make sure you are the latter.

      Remember, you will not be "doctor," you will be <insert name here>, a person who will help other's with your scientific knowledge and wisdom.
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