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A different road to RadOnc?


New Member
Feb 2, 2011
    I found a somewhat similar thread, but it had few posts and I think my situation is different enough that it warrants a new one.

    I'm an MS4 about to match next month in Categorical Internal Medicine. I've had an interest in Heme/Onc for some time and am considering a fellowship in it. I am drawn not only to the science of cancer, but also to the close patient relationships and the awesome diagnostic/management process. However, within the last month or so I found out about a career in Radiation Oncology. Although my school has a program, our students have little to no exposure to this field. I've been reading about RadOnc, and the more I learn about it, the more I realize that I would love it even more than Heme/Onc because, in addition to the above things, it has all the technology and physics. (I loved Physics and Math in high school and college, and I am a computer/tech nerd).

    My stats & school prestige are pretty good (250+ Steps, top 15% rank, but non-AOA) but I have no RadOnc/cancer research, nor any special extracurriculars (just informal hobbies). I did do one non-cancer retrospective study early in MS2 year on which I am first author, and I am finishing up another non-cancer study.

    My thinking is that I could complete the 3 years of Categorical Medicine and then go directly into RadOnc. I have the opportunity to do a RadOnc elective next month, before I graduate. Then, I could do some RadOnc /cancer research and RadOnc electives in my elective/research months in my IM PGY1 and PGY2 years and apply in PGY2. (I would like to do the full 3-year IM residency.) If I do this as a PGY2, does this mean I can do a regular match and then have my PGY3 IM year count as my "Prelim" year before going into RadOnc?

    If not, then what would be some good ways to go about this application process?

    Also, as a plan B, if I fail to match when I apply in my IM PGY2 year for a RadOnc position in my PGY4 year, then I could apply for Heme/Onc in my PGY3 year, and then go into Heme/Onc fellowship after working as a hospitalist for a year.

    Any input from RadOnc residents, knowledgeable students, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks.


      If you get that research in, a lot of places would love to have a fully trained internist. Others, not as much, because there may be some Medicare/ACGME funding issues involved with the second residency.

      My thought would be to apply each year starting with your intern year, apply to open positions during the year, do the rotations in rad onc as your elective each year, and get a few projects done. 4th year is a great time to get some research done, so do it now before intern year gets hectic. If you get in right after your intern year, you would still get 2 years of internal medicine in, and that is plenty for someone that is not going to become an internist. If you get in during intern year, I'd say take the spot and leave IM. I enjoyed internal medicine and understand your feeling about wanting to do a residency, but honestly, it doesn't make any sense. We aren't internists. It is only fair for a patient to have a real PCP as their PCP, rather than a half-assed one that is actually a rad-onc.

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