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Apr 23, 2004
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I’m a student in the U.K thinking of doing a Gen. Surg residency in the U.S or Can.
Through these forums I’ve slowly got a better understanding of which programs are considered “superior” to others. My overall question is how important is it to match into a very top rated program if the field you plan on going into is quite high in demand and low supply?

The reason I’m asking this is because my dad owns a radiology clinic in Toronto and constantly complains about the fact that there are no available radiologists to read for him. Now I’m seriously doubt that when he found someone who could read for him he really cared about whether or not he/she did a residency at a top program… get what I mean?

I think some gen surg. subspecialties will increase in demand over the next few years and jobs will be plentiful. I remember reading something on a previous post on this thread about how vascular surgeons will soon be in very short supply. Also, I learned from this thread that not many people go into CT any more. Doesn’t this mean that in 5-6 years (when I’ll be applying for a fellowship) the demand for them will be higher? And I know cardiologist take some business, but thoracic surgery will always be needed (which I prefer over cardiac).

I was also thinking of trauma surgery and remember reading on this forum that not many surgeons go into it. If this is the case then cant i still match into a good fellowship if i do a residency in a "so-so" program.

This is just something I was thinking about as i will be a FMG and may not be able to match into a "top" program but would like the same job oppertunities once i finish training… any comments/advice?