A Step 1 Review To Not Take

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Mar 12, 2004
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I recently finished taking a Step 1 review by Falcon Physician's Review in Dallas, TX. Their review has some good concepts, but their process for instructor selection is flawed. This is what happened. The physiology instructor was fired on the first day of lecture. This guy was incompetent. Physiology was "taught" in a serieries of "band-aids" for the remainder of the week and over the next 3 weekends by residents. Finally, the pathology instructor was grossly incompetent. He was sooooo bad that he was unable to answer any questions. He was only capable of reading the power points to the class. Their notes for the most part are not usable for the slides and charts in the different topics because they used power points and put 6 slides to a page. This made the material too small to be read and useless as reference material.

I would NOT recommend that anyone take this review!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not worth the time, effort or money!!

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The phys teacher just wanted to stand in front of the group & read the overheads to us. He, too didn't know the material. He couldn't answer questions that were aked of him. We also wondered about their selection process for the instructors.
As a group, we felt there was no process. Anybody who applied for 1 of their teaching jobs was apparently hired. The majority of the instructors were either residents or fellows. The ones doing a fellowship were the better instructors.

Those are 2 of the more critical subjects that are tested on Step 1 & to have gotten a deficient review in them is not acceptable. That's why I posted my experience - so no one else would get ripped-off by them.
yeah i heard the step 1 review wasnt good. i did hear the step 2 review is "ok" though - lol. sorry to hear about your experience. after doin their review, what next? First Aid and qBank? i actually bought the step 2 notes from a student and like you said... they print their powerpoint so it's hard to read

good luck