AACOMAS transcript entry questions

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May 1, 2013
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1) What is everyone's opinion on the "Professional Transcript entry" service? I'm considering it but I don't want them to mess up my re-takes. Will I also be able to edit any mistakes the service makes after they have completed transcript entry?

2) I took a class that was listed as a different name at one institution and when it was transferred to my 4-year university, the name was changed and class accepted.

Ex: took a government class

GOVT xxxx (Institution 1)

when transferred it was changed to

POLS xxxx (Institution 2)

Im trying to enter the courses from each institution, but not sure if this causes some confusion.

3) If i took a science course that was a 4 credit hour class, which included the lab, and later retook the same courses but separated lab and lecture (3 hr lecture and 1 hour lab) will I be able to replace the previous course?


Institution 1
- General Biology 1 (Lecture + Lab) - 4 hour grade

Institution 2
- General Biology 1 Lecture - 3 hour grade
- General Biology 1 lab - 1 hour grade

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