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Mar 18, 2004
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I haven't applied yet, so i do not know, but i think i heard from someone that +or - do not count in AADSAS? is that true?


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Sep 29, 2003
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they do count. in fact, on your aadsas gpa, A+'s will actually count as a 4.33 instead of a 4.0. So if you were lucky enough to go to a school that gives A+'s, you're in for a treat. Last semester I had a 98% in one class and a 98.7% in the other, but only received A's. Oh well, asi es la vida.


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Dec 17, 2003
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They have it both ways: with the +/- and without on your final "yellow sheet".

By the way, I dont like the way they do their "Science GPA". I'm an engineering major so at least 80% of my classes are science class. Yet my "Science GPA" just accounts for the gen and org chem, physics, biochem (the notorious pre-req.s).. I actually did bad on some of these class and I did really good on most of my other science classes (especially thermo1&2, 2 As!)



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Mar 5, 2004
Purdue University
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I'm pretty sure that the AADSAS calculated "Science GPA" will include all of your engineering classes as well as the "notorious pre-reqs." I'm also an engineering major and I looked into that a month or so ago.
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