AAFP National Conference Experience

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Rising M2 heading to the conference next week…. Besides getting familiarly with potential residency programs, what should I try to get out of it/what is there to get out of it??

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As an M2, if there are any specific cities/programs you're interested in, I'd try to meet some of those programs just to get a sense of what's out there. Let them know you're an M2 so they can give you info and advice that's more specific to what you'll need currently. There is huge variation in family medicine training between programs - some programs prepare you well for full scope family medicine with inpatient and OB, some prepare you well for bread and butter primary care in a specialist-rich setting, some are focused on sports medicine, global health, certain patient populations, etc. This is a great time to get a feeling for what different programs offer to help you figure out what YOU might want out of a career in family medicine, and then you can tailor your extracurriculars and clinical rotation opportunities to those interests over the next couple years. If I'm remembering correctly there are some lectures/sessions on family medicine in general that I found helpful in discerning my path within the specialty as well.