ITE vs AAFP Board review questions

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Sep 26, 2008
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Which is better or are they about the same for preparation for the boards straight ITE questions or the AAFP Board review questions. Someone told me the AAFP questions were just old ITE questions but wanted to make sure before I sped time doing them.

Boards in a month. Yikes!

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AAFP does have old ITE questions but not all of them. If you do 2-3 ITEs and read all explanations you will be fine
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Just do questions. Can't state it any easier, don't matter if you do 1000 questions of one vs the other, they both are good. Just do questions and read explanations.

And TBH, stay current with AAFP article and the 10 question quizzes at end of each journal. You stay up to date with AAFP journals, and do hundreds of other questions then you should be fine.

And stay confident my friend.
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