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MD Rapper

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Apr 5, 2004
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For those of you who have taken AAMC Practice Test 7, can you please give a concise summary on how it was different than the others; specifically 6R since that is the 2nd most recent.

Basically, I'm too cheap to go pay 40 bucks to find out... I just really want to know how different it is than the other practice materials.

So far it seems, based on what others have said about 7R, that saturdays test will have:
- killer verbal (long passages, difficult to read, less specific/line-reference questions)
- several genetics passages in BS

??? What about o-chem? lots of lab techniques? Any cheap shots? Any focus on topics the MCAT usually doesn't like to test on??

Please post your impressions here.. this will help us all be more prepared for Saturday



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Feb 17, 2003
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to add to what cerb said, the verbal wasn't terribly difficult-just long! Almost every passage was like two columns. The reading wasn't difficult and the questions were normal... Thats probably why I still sucked on it!
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Feb 24, 2004
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I went over the Verb again. We must figure out the theme or tone of article first before starting answer any question. Then anything else is obvious. I missed all but one question regarding Rise and Fall of Roman empire because I missed the theme (tone). It is obvious now after I looked over again. Wow, that's difference between 9 and 11 on Verb section.
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