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Apr 18, 2004
Gotta love going in feeling well since my AAMC scores for 5r,6r,7r where 32,34,35. Didnt panic at all before or during the exam, but now my stomach is doing backflips. I always had a pretty good idea how I did on every practice test I took, but after the real thing I felt like I could have done well or horrible. I had CM and it was nothing like any tests I took. PR had hardly any chm, VR was like throwing daggers in the dark, and BS had more genetics then 5r+6r+7r BS. Wish i would have found these forums before saturday but since i am already mentally preparing to take them again in august i'll see everyone around :cool:

oh yeah 2mths my arse to get scores back, didnt they make us sweat long enough just taking the exam!
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