AAMC MCAT Registration System

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Oct 28, 2014
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Does anyone know how long the AAMC Registration System takes to realize a seat has been dropped and allow someone else to register for it? I've seen posting on the forums about people saying they have a seat that they're going to drop and for someone to PM them if it helps-- does that mean it's pretty instant?

I have a friend who took the exam and was thinking about retaking it to try to get a higher score (registered for the seat and everything), but has decided against it. If they drop it, would it become available for me to sign up for it instantly?

Thank you!

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90 views and no replies?

Surely with as many people who have taken the test more than once and the number of seats that AAMC has added (and will add) so people can take the current one instead of the new 2015 version, someone has some insight?!?!
They are being "competitive" and don't want to tell you :p.

That's just selfish IMO.

If I knew I'd let u know