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ABFM License Fees


John William Waterhouse
Staff member
Volunteer Staff
15+ Year Member
Jan 9, 2006
  1. Attending Physician
Some residencies pay for this, some don't. How much does this cost?

I will move this to the Family Med forum.

But I think that you're confused. There is no ABFM license. There is an ABFM board exam, which will lead to being ABFM board certified if you successfully pass it. It costs about $1300 to register for the exam if you register in a timely manner; if you don't, it costs $1700.

In order to be fully ABFM board certified, though, you will also need an unrestricted state license. An unrestricted state license cost varies by state. For Florida (where I live), it was about $750, give or take. It required getting some things notarized and other a few background checks.

My program paid for the $1300 exam fee, but not for the state license. My new job didn't pay for the state license, either.
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