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    Hello there,
    i just have a few more questions about people who have gotten into nycom it is my tope choice -- so any thoughts or advice would be very appreciated.

    First off...i had an interview in late April but since it is late im preparing to re-apply again.

    First: im out of college now and i was a business major. So i only took 2 bios, 2 orgos, 2 physics, 2 gen chesm, and biochemistry. I did great in them..and I got an interview at NYCOM this year..but should I need to take more upper divisions like genetics...or is what I have ok if I have to re-apply.

    second: I am currently working in the tumor registry of my local hospital and will hopefully start a little research project next week -- but is that enough to make me look busy -- like i said..im out of school and i was a busines major -- so i can't really get a fancy lab job or anything like that.

    third: i left a mph program after 1 semester because the concentration i wanted was really weak and I really was misinformed about this...but i did get all A+'s. Will this hurt me this year -- i interviewed last week or if I have to apply again?

    Fourth: Should I do something like EMT training or just volunteer at the local clinic -- if i need to say re-take mcats in august then doing the emt will eat up my time big time and my application will probably be in to NYCOM before im even 1/4 through the emt course.

    I even wrote NYCOM admissions committee stating i would go to nycom this fall if given an acceptance.

    What do you think about my questions any ideas or comments. The interviews seemed to go ok i guess....probably not as great but not horrible either -- hard to tell. Thanks for all of your help -- it is greatly appreciated.
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    I got into NYCOM, but turned it down b/c I wanted to stay in Florida. In only had the bare minimums for science classes, too---bio 1 and 2, chem 1 and 2, organic 1 and 2, physics 1 and 2, all with labs. They didn't care.

    I have never done any research. The only volunteering I did was at the Medical Examiner's office, assisting with autopsies. I was not in school during my application year, and only did some tutoring through a local company, and teaching MCAT. I don't think it is important to "look busy." If you are working at the tumor registry, I think that looks great.

    About the MPH issue---lots of my classmates did the same thing. And obviously it wasn't a problem (or they wouldn't be my classmates!!). I wouldn't worry about it. NSU certainly didn't care, and in light of the fact that they offer a free MPH to med students-----they knew that accepting people that had some MPH work would actually cost the school money, and they took them anyway.

    The only concern i can see is the late interview, but they wouldn't continue interviewing if they had no spots left. I know they have one of the largest classes (300, if I remember correctly).

    Good luck. I hope you get in this year. If not, then you should be fine w/ next year, provided all your stats are good.

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