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Dec 5, 2003
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does anybody have any pointers about my interview coming up at NYCOM. Thank you.


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Mar 23, 2004
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study up on DO history and your own history... if you have done research go back and make sure you remember exactly what you did, what your findings were, etc.

be yourself

be yourself


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Aug 20, 2001
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U love DO.....keep emphasizing till it hurts. Also, you love NYCOM. Keep emphasizing and emphasizing that you love this school, u kno ppl who attend there, you live close by, you dated one of the professors, whatever connection you can find (or even fabricate) to the school, do it!! Its the difference between getting in and getting put on the waitlist. Also, make sure you explain any loopholes in your application. Try if you can to keep following up after your interview to see what ur status is, the ladies at nycom are very friendly and they know you real well after a while, which helps, trust me!! Ive seen many many people get in using only these three simple things. The rest, be urself and make them laugh, when ur in front of them, be ARROGANT, its the only way to be comfortable, u have to act like u have a harvard acceptance already and dont need NYCOM, this attitude gets u noticed and make sure to tell them in the end that this is the only school that u want to go to and dont want to go anywhere else. Yes, say it in that exact way. Good luck, although your not gonna need it now that uve read my post. So i should wish u guys luck getting through nycom instead since ur basically in.
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