Medical Accepted to Medical School, but I am not sure if I feel ready to start.

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Jun 11, 2010
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I have a 3.9 sGPA and 499 MCAT (~25% CARS). I was accepted to VCOM-auburn and DCOM. I was an undergraduate at a top 10 public university and I think taking down science classes was not a problem at all for me, but I may not have grown my critical thinking skills enough for medical schools. Should I consider programs such as GEMS by Georgetown, where they focus on improving such skills like critical and clinical skills? I know that retaking MCAT is not required for this program and they require 78% and above on all the modules, which include most of the year one medical student classes. More than 80% of the students have matriculated to their SOM, I am not sure why the other 20% have not made it and I am thinking they may have not reached the benchmarks.
All new endeavors are fraught with anxiety. You've fine

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