Accidentally selected "No" for "Applied Before" Question on AMCAS

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Apr 11, 2017
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Hey all,

I tried searching before posting but didn't find anything similar to this.

Random tiny issue but not sure how impactful it is. I'm a re-applicant applying to about 6-7 of my previous schools plus a bunch of new ones. I submitted my AMCAS designating just one school, with plans to go back later and add the rest once verified. One small issue: the school I designated is one of the 6-7 previous ones, and I just realized I accidentally selected "No" for the question "Have you applied to this school before?" I just checked and the AMCAS doesn't allow you to change this response after submitting.

Any insight on what issues this mistake might cause for the school and/or my perception with the school? Should I contact AMCAS? The school? Both/neither?

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I did almost this exact same thing, except I selected "Yes" when I hadn't actually applied there previously. I called AMCAS and they said they can't change it, but when your application goes out to that school you should probably either send them an email to clarify or mention it in their secondary. It's not a big deal so don't stress too much about it, just make sure you clarify it directly with the school at some point.
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Update in case this comes up in anyone’s search in the future: I clarified with a brief note at the end of one of my secondary essays. Ended up receiving an II for the school in question.
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