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Daudi vs Goliath

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May 27, 2016
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I recently asked Dr. Gregory Boyer of ACPE about hiring critical staff in pharmacy schools without Pharmacy education.

My former Director of Experiential Education (IPPE) has no pharmacy education whatsoever. But had been a technician for years back in the day, and has a Bachelor's degree in something. There are more details of her role in my case that I cannot share.

The academic help 'Boss' had no science education or pharmacy education at all - there is an ACPE standard that requires Individualized academic help, well, those medicinal chemistry classes and Law classes flew right above the head. I had an A in law (grade inflation). His great academic help was 'reading words in groups etc. Now, if you have taken Pharmacokinetics classes, one can read words in groups all day, but if you do not know the dosing of an anti-biotic, you do NOT know? If u do not know the active ingredients in Namenda, you can read in 5's or 2's, it will not come to you.

In my view, Nursing Assistants to do not oversee Nurse Practitioner's education. Neither do we ask Dentists to oversee Brain surgery.

ACPE says it does not have any specific requirements for these employees. There are many pharmacy graduates that can do this (too many part-time positions in my state). Why is it this way?

Your take? Am working on negligence here.
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