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    Hello my hSDN and SDN friends!
    I am preparing and studying for the February ACT and target score of 30. Last time I took an official ACT, I made a sobering 25 but I know why I made that score. On practice exams, I have been making 30-32s. I usually made between 34-36 on English, 30-33 on Reading, 26-27 on Math, and 27-29 in Science. Question is: I have a history of freezing during exams and testing poorly. Any suggestions for managing test anxiety and doing just as well in the testing center as at home?
    I’m worried that I’ll only get a 28, or even (god forbid) below that. I have worked my ASS off studying as should be reflected in my scores on practice exams.
    Question two: What am I doing wrong in math? This is EASY ****. I have an A in precalc and the math on the ACT is somehow stumping me. I have worked hard, but only making 26-27s. I should easily be making 30s and above in math. Any tips? I’ve tried worksheets, I’ve tried watching videos and nothing really helps. I don’t know what’s going on. Any advice is appreciated.

    Looking forward from hearing from you all.
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