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Jul 24, 2003
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This is also a pretty look link for additional questions.

thanks elemenz and boggu, these sights will be more helpful if its more interactive than just discussing regarding about how much portion each one has completed.

There are so many questions that do not have answers, we should be able to put across such questions on sdn and discuss the answers. I am taking my exams on 9th and i am totally running out of time otherwise i would have posted all those questions on sdn.

If you have read by previous posts on emergency medicine, u will find the answers discussed by the sdners, which was really nice with different views by so many of them. But sadly it-stopped right there!!

guys it will be nice if u can post these questions on sdn and work on it a little.

So many of them have given their exams, it will be really useful if people come back and make an entry of those questions. That way we can keep track of new and old questions that are repeated.

best of luck to u both too.

Pinktooth and kajal hope you enjoy answering these q's. Thanks for your help on emergeny med q's.

take care

pallavi rakesh

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Jul 24, 2003
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1. Which source does not contain Calcium? Soybean, broccoli, green peas, yogurt
2. CPITN-measures perio needs
3. What produces glucans? Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, gram- rods
4. Know the difference between mild, moderate and severe fluorosis
5. What is a benign and glandular tumor? Adenoma
6. What is the difference between a nodule and a papule?
7. If the tongue was not placed on the roof of the mouth in a pan, what would be seen? Open space
8. Where does subgingival calculus come from? serum glycoproteins, salivary glycoproteins
9. What schedule drug is Tylenol with codeine? II, III
10. know the source of the inverted Y on a radiograph. (max sinus and nasal sinus)
11. Site most common for salivary gland tumors? Parotid, submandibular, sublingual
12. Which vitamin deficiency is associated with pernicious anemia? B12
13. If the patient is allergic to esters and amides, which could you give? Anti-histamines
14. Know the correct order of instrumentation?.insertion, angulation, adaptation, stroke; insertion, adaptation, angulation, stroke; angulation, insertion adaptation, stroke; adaptation,insertion, angulation, stroke
15. If allergy to lidocaine, which can you give the patient? Prilocaine, procaine..
16. Which tooth has a mesial depression? Max 1st premolar
17. Know cusp of carabelli
18. Rhabdomyoma is? Skeletal muscle, nerve, smooth muscle
19. How does an elastomer set? Polymerization, syneresis, imbibition, gelation
20. Which of the following is stable in water? Polyether, polysulfide, alginate, plaster, reverse hydrocolloid
21. Why is there no longer microleakage associated with an old amalgam? Corrosive products
11. Which is best method used to detect marginal overhang? Explorer, radiograph, floss
12. Know marginal flash
13. Which is NOT caused from a tongue ring? Change in pigmentation, gingival recession, chipped incisal edges, airway obstruction, jewelry aspiration
14. Gingival redness surrounding the crown is NOT from? Ni allergy, poor OH, impression margin, galvanic shock
15. what is the secondary reason for the 7mm pocket on lingual surface of the max lateral incisor? Palatal ling groove
16. Which tooth most likely has a lingual pit? Maxillary lateral incisor
17. Which tooth is the first to erupt? Max 1st molar, mand 1st molar, mand centrals
18. Which condition is associated with Vit. C deficiency? Scurvy
19. A deficiency in which vitamin could cause bleeding gums? Vit. C, vit D, vit K
20. Which is associated with chronic perio? Porphyrmonia
21. What are dust born and can be transferred by hand from touching a contaminated instrument? Mucobacterium tuberculosis, clostridium tetani, herpes, staphylococcus, streptococcus pneumonia
22. What is the least common mode of transfer? Hand, aerosols, blood
23. Which hepatitis is associated with chronic liver disease? A, B, C, D, E
24. Which hepatitis is transferred from an individual via fecal/poor OH route? A, B, C, D, E
25. Which is NOT occlusal trauma? Wear facets, pockets, uneven wear facets
26. Which condition would play a factor in the particular tray used for an impression? Crossbite, protruding anteriors??
27. What is the cause of the pocket depth on the mand ant. of a pipe smoker? the M-tipped molar, from the pipe
28. Which is considered primary treatment? Space retainer, night guard??
29. Which temporary filling is shown on the x-ray? ZOE, glass ionomer?..(it was very opaque)
30. Which class is a ling pit on a max lat incisor? I, II, III, IV, V
31. Which could be found on a canine film? Inverted y, mand condyle?.
32. Which is NOT associated with syncope? Nausea, constricted pupils, hypotension
33. Which condition is associated with myxedema? Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypoadrenal, hyperadrenal, parathyroidism
34. Hyperventilation is NOT associated with: tremors, bradycardia
35. Which method of tooth whitening is LEAST effective? Gel, strips, abrasive dentifrice
36. In a 4 week recall visit, the pocket depth of the patient went from 4mm to 2mm, what is the cause of this? Long junctional epithelium, reattachment of the periodontium, shrinking tissue?..
37. If a woman in her second trimester came in with gingivitis and it was left untreated, at what point would she exhibit the most severe stage of gingivitis? 2 mos, 4 mos, 6 mos, 8 mos, 2 mos post-op
38. What derives from ectoderm? Enamel, dentin, pulp cementum
39. What is the most dangerous type of radiation for the patient? Scatter?
40. Which tissue exhibits nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium? Dorsum of the tongue, attached gingiva, palate, interdental papilla, inner lip
41. Know gracey ?-anteriors; gracey 13/14-D of posteriors
42. The mesial/buccal of the molar has heavy calculus with some pocketing, which instrument do you use for removal? Rigid extended, rigid, flexible, flexible extended
43. What is the purpose of the etch before the sealant? Retention
44. What acid is found in the etch? Phosphoric acid
45. What is the purpose of a filler? Prevent voids
46. Which is the best way to look up information on oral cancer and smoking for a patient on an electronic database? Medline, cinhal, ERIC
47. When counting the teeth in DMFS, which teeth are considered in the missing teeth number? Unerupted, exfoliated, congenitally missing
48. What does the P-value of .05 represent? -there is 1 in 500 chance they are wrong, there is 5 in 100 chance they are wrong, there is 1 in 20 chance they are wrong
49. Which is NOT correct? If the distance is doubled, the exposure time must be doubled
50. In an emergency situation, where would you take the pulse of a 6 year old? Carotid, brachial, radial
51. Where does the maxilla come from? frontal process, globuloprocess, 1st brachial arch, 2nd brachial arch, 3rd brachial arch
52. Which tooth is most likely to be bifurcated? Mand canine, max canine?.
53. Which tooth has 3 roots? Max 1st premolar
54. Which root of the mand molar is stronger? Mesial, distal, distobuccal
55. Which kVp causes the most scatter radiation? 65, 70, 75, 80, 85
56. Which method removes endotoxins? Oral irrigation, root planing, toothbrushing
57. If the instrument is place perpendicular to the long axis of the tooth, in which direction would you begin scaling? Oblique, vertical, horizontal, multi-directional
58. Which strokes are used in the completion of root planing?
Longer lighter
Shorter lighter
Longer firmer
Shorter firmer
59. Which nerve is responsible for the sensory of the anterior 2/3 of the tongue? Lingual, mental, hypoglossal, glossopharyngeal
60. Trigeminal neuralgia: unilateral pain associated with the trigger zone
61. What is a fossae? Depression in the bone, notch in the bone?..
62. Which protrudes the mandible? Lateral pterygoid, medial pterygoid,?
63. What percent is found in OTC fluoride? NaFl2 0.2%, NaFl2 .05%, APF 2.3%?
64. Mother wants to know which is the BEST choice of fluoride for her children if all resources are readily available? Fluoridated water, tablets, drops, toothpaste
65. Which is the BEST approach for a jr. high tobacco cessation program? Pamphlet, slides, video of former students that have stopped smoking, involving the students in the researching information
66. What is the most common type of oral cancer? Squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma
67. What is the most common site of oral caner? Tongue, palate, buccal mucosa
68. Buprion (Zyban) is used to treat smoking, but is classified as what? Anti-depressant, anti-coagulant?
69. Why is light-cured sealant better than self-cure? Has long working time because polymerization does not occur until you use the curing light

tc pallavi



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Hi Pallavi,
Thanks a lot.I am getting a printout of all the questions and will be posting my point of view shortly.
I was wondering are they Dental hygeine board questions ?
take care
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guys this isent really a goos strategy because if you wanna answer a qustion correctly you need some multiple choices here,am i right?you cant only emphazised on the stem merly you need some choices.:)

pallavi rakesh

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Jul 24, 2003
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toothlord these are the q's noted by the students after the exam. thats the reason they are not complete.

this is just to get some idea of what q's were asked.

take care


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Apr 8, 2003
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Hi all,
Am posting the answers for questions which I know.If any of you feel that any answer is wrong I would like you to post it here.

3) streptococcus
6) papule: finger like /pin point elevated growths which has a pedicle(e.g) papilloma
Nodule : A dome shaped elevation which has a wide base (e.g)adenomas
11) parotid
18) skeletal muscle
19) polymerization
20) polysulfide is a water repellant
11) best to detect marginal overhang -floss
13) not caused from a tongue ring -chipped incisal edges
14) galvanic shock
17) mandibular centrals first to erupt in most cases
19) vitamin c deficiency causes bleeding gums
21) clostridium tetani is dust born
22)least common mode of transfer -hand
23)Hepatitis B and C
24)Hepatitis A and E
30) class I
31) inverted y -maxillary sinus and nasal cavity
32) constricted pupils
33)myxedema - hypothyroidism
35) strips
36) shrinking tissue
38) enamel and cementum
40) inner lip
51) 1 st brachial arch
52) mandibular canine
56) root planing
59) lingual nerve
66) squamous cell carcinoma
67) buccal mucosa
68) buprion is an anti depressant

well some of the questions i didnt even understand .hope this helps

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