ADEX Brittle teeth

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Apr 14, 2016
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I took the ADEX exam and my #7 tooth fractured during the exam.
I made a comment before the exam to my examiners that there were pores in my teeth before I started the exam and documented it under comments.
But the examiners still failed me saying it was because of torque. I explained to them that some practice teeth have fractured due to manufacturing defects. They said that the exam teeth are different from practice teeth. So, we’re expected to work on completely new teeth, without knowing how brittle they are and it’s one strike and you’re out.
If the examiners are aware of how brittle they are, and their fracture rates, why are student still penalized for them? Has anyone else had these teeth fracture? Could I appeal this decision? If so, how long would that process take?

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