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Admission from Temple Waitlist


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May 20, 2007
  1. Medical Student
    when i was there, they said that almost a third of the class comes off the waitlist. if there was one school to be hopeful for, its this one


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    Jul 10, 2007
    1. Medical Student
      Ditto on the NJDIF's post. I know a bunch of people, including myself, who hold a temple acceptance, but are on other preferable waitlists. There's going to be ALOT of movement in the week of May 15th.
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      Aug 7, 2007
      1. Medical Student
        I sent my withdrawal letter in last week as well. Liked the school, but not the price... good luck to ya'll waiting :luck:

        it seems like a lot more people are withdrawing later this year (like around now, as opposed to back in the winter, when they could have just given those spots to later interviewees instead of actual waitlisters)... my guess is that there may be more waitlist movement coming up than there was last year. so stay positive!


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        Mar 21, 2007
        1. Medical Student
          I hold an acceptance but am also on a more preferable albeit low movement wait list.

          Watch how you word stuff man. Some of us think that Temple is the 'most' preferable waitlist to be on. So sad! Seems like most of the people that got accepted to Temple don't actually want to go there. Please don't hold on to your acceptance longer then you have to!!! Temple seems awesome.:love:
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