Admissions Question

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Jun 11, 2007
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Im really afraid that this will give a certain impression of me that honesty isnt true. I was young, and really wasnt thinking about my future at that time. Its not who I am at all, and honestly, it has played a huge part in really turning my life around. When this happened I was pretty nieve, and since I have been worried SO MUCH about this its not even funny. With all the stress of GPA, science GPA, DAT, etc etc, to add this on top, has really been a torture lol.

if i was one of the adcoms........

after reading that statment i wouldnt really care about the misdemeanor. as long as you are a different person now and you have changed i dont see why it should be a problem.

be truthful on your application and have good faith.

however, we wont know what the adcoms think unless we actually talk with them. you can always call the schools and ask them about it.

this is my first time encountering something like this...

in the end, it has already happened and there is really nothing much you can do about it. just try not to worry and concentrate on your studies.


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Changed your life around? Helping in charities?

Damn well you DO have a chance! :D

Just ace the DAT and your all set buddy. :thumbup:


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Jun 29, 2007
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Don't worry, a misdemeanor is not a big deal. I'm not even sure if the application asks for misdemeanors, or just felonies. But if they do, just be honest, explain your situation, and do your best. I don't think grades or scores will make up for somethign like that, its more important to write about how you've changed. Best of luck!