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Discussion in 'Military Medicine' started by jbernar1, Apr 7, 2004.

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    Who do we need to contact to arrange a rotation @ Walter Reed? I talked with someone named Keion but he never got back with me.
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    that's the right guy. he's hard to keep on task. best thing to do is just fax whatever stuff you need filled out to him, then hound him daily until he does it. nice guy, just a bit distractable. :)

    i'd also contact the department you want to rotate in so they 1) know you're coming and 2) can help keep the ball rolling to get your paperwork done.

    you'll probably stay at the mologne house, which is pretty much next door to WRAMC. the crappy part about WRAMC ADT's is that the nearest metro is takoma park or silver spring, both quite a walk away. not bad if the weather's nice, but a pain if you wanna go downtown when it's raining or are returning from a good time on a weekend night :)

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