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Discussion in 'Critical Care' started by Bostonredsox, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Bostonredsox

    Bostonredsox 2+ Year Member

    Mar 15, 2011
    southern comfort
    Hey guys,

    Looking for a good but preferably not 2000+ page text on advanced vent management. IM resident at a community hospital with no intensivist, we essentially run the MICU under 'critical care" hospitalists as thats all this area can recruit. Looking for a good in depth physio/pathphysio read for running various vents on your own. Im good with most already, but would like more knowledge on pressure control, oscillating vents, bad restrictive lung dz pts, etc. Looking for the 'I need to be far more knowledgeable than the average hospitalist as I will most exclusively be in an ICU setting, but don't have the CCU fellowship capabilities. Thanks guys.
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  3. Hernandez

    Hernandez Paranoid and Crotchety... 10+ Year Member

    IMHO tobin's book is the gold standard, but there are several smaller books out there but I don't have recs fr them since I have tobin.

    I'd rec these things.
    HFOV look for the training download. Fun learning tool to learn he basics.

    Highly reccomend this book ifyu understand waveforms, you can trouble shoot most issues

    What particular questions do you have about PCAV? I think people over think PCV/BiLevel/APRV honestly.
  4. Rikab

    Rikab 2+ Year Member

    Feb 12, 2011
    Pilbeam's book on mechanical ventilation is pretty good.There is a new edition out there.But can be quite wordy.
  5. Soleus

    Soleus 7+ Year Member

    Dec 25, 2007
    Tobin's book is the bible, but it is very large, verbose, and sounds like more than what you're looking for.

    I agree with the previous poster that Pilbeam's book is probably the way to go. Here's a link to the new edition:

    Pilbeam's is in-depth but doable and it has a work-book to go along with it that makes it more tangible. I haven't had a chance to see the new edition, but I'm sure it's similar to the previous one, which was excellent.
  6. Paseo Del Norte

    Paseo Del Norte 5+ Year Member

    Jun 11, 2009
    Land of Sand
    Used the fourth edition of Pillbeam in respiratory school and I thought it was a good book that was easy to read. The current class is using the 5th edition and I've heard no complaints. The newest edition is even more streamlined than the 4th and you can pick it up for less than $100.00.

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