May 20, 2015
I would like some advice on how to improve on CARS. My exam is on September 23rd and I have decided to focus mainly on CARS because the Medical School I am trying to apply to only looks at CARS. So far I have done around 65~ passages; doing 1-3 passages per day (from TPRH 2011 verbal workbook) while I was doing content review for the past month. However, I have decided to let go of doing the content review for the sciences and focus mainly on CARS. I have done 1-60 of AAMC CARS Qpack 1 and scored 40%. I also did the NS diagnostic today for CARS and got 122. I have 22 days left till my exam, and I am planning on studying 10-12 hours per days just on CARS (in total 220 hours~). The materials I have are(will only be doing the CARS section):6 TPR FLs, 3 Kaplan FLs, 4 EK FLs, 5 NS FLs, All new AAMC materials, and 8 old AAMC Fls. Is it possible for me to improve my score above 11 within this period of time. And How should I go about doing so?

only doing CARS for the MCAT
have 22 days to study
currently at 122
want to get 11+
Have a lot of material
How do I go about doing so?
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