Advice for Child Abuse Pediatrics Fellowships?

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May 18, 2016
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Hey everyone! I'm an intern at an academic pediatrics residency and am pretty dead-set on doing child abuse pediatrics in the future. My institution does not offer this fellowship but they have a child abuse pediatrician on staff that is my mentor. She's truly amazing but she is not fellowship-trained so she does not have a ton of advice for fellowships specific to child abuse peds (even though she truly is wonderful at what she does). We have already been brainstorming my research project specific to this field. I'm hoping for any suggestions to help make myself an ideal candidate for this fellowship! Also, if anyone knows any specifics about the competitiveness of specific programs, that would be super helpful too. I am from the Northeast but my residency program is in the Midwest and I want to end up back in the Northeast if at all possible.

Thanks so much!


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Dec 12, 2002
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I'm married to a fellowship trained CAP. The fellowships are not at all competitive. Something like only half fill on any given year. I wouldn't worry about a specific project, just stay involved, maybe consider attending a conference with your mentor if they are going. The key to any fellowship is volume and exposure, so you want a place that does everything, but there are plenty of places east cost and northeast that you should be able to find.
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