Advice for RN-MD career change?

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May 15, 2022
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Hello everyone, I am just about to become an RN with my BSN in few months, after I graduate, I already have a hospital job that waits for me since I am working as a nurse extern right now, while I take my pre-reqs for medical school, I will simultaneously work as an RN for the next 1-2 years it takes.

I have a few questions:
Option 1: Should I go back to a university/cal-state university and take my pre-med courses there and study for my MCAT throughout that timing before applying to medical school?

Option 2: Should I enroll in a post-bac pre-medicine program to guide me through this process instead?

Other questions:
When I apply to medical school, are they going to look at my GPA from my undergraduate BSN degree?
Or will they look at my GPA from the community college mixed with the pre-medicine courses that I will proceed to take?

Thank you!

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All of your undergraduate courses are included in the GPAs looked at by med schools. You may not be able to attend certain post-bacs, if you have already taken science courses that would be part of the program; also, many post-bacs are full-time and cost a lot more money than DIY, especially if you can use your hospital job to help with tuition. While the post-bacs can help with some of the logistics of applying, it isn't necessary. Just keep in mind that you will need at least two LOR from professors who taught you during science courses, regardless of which path you take. I am a former RN and just took classes at both a CC and a 4-year (mainly for upper divisions offerings). Feel free to reach out with any questions.
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