Advice for Third Year Selectives

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Apr 21, 2010
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Hey guys,

I am starting third year and need to pick a couple of selectives.

My question is: I am leaning towards Emergency Medicine post-med school, so I will definitely take that as one selective, but for my other one, should I do something I am not interested in at all as long as it helps me? For example, I am thinking of doing the radiology selective just so I can be a little more adept at reading radiographs. I have no interest in the actual radiology specialty whatsoever though.

Should I do that or should I take a selective in something I might be a little interested in like cardiology? Bear in mind I am not 100% torn on any two specialties, I am kind of exploring with a open mind.

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Radiology is a good choice. You'll get to experience IM in your clerkship and if you like it there will be plenty of time to take subspecialty electives in 4th year. No point in taking it this early unless you are set on doing IM.
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I would steer clear of cards. You're gong to get enough of that in residency. Rads might not be a bad choice, like you suggested. Something else to consider would be ENT, I think.
My goal with electives/selectives was to try to round out my education as a potential surgical resident the best I could. You seem to have a similar idea. It worked well for me, most of the preceptors were great and had a "how can we make this apply to surgery" mentality which gave me wide exposure but also made it pertinent. Rads is a great rotation for everyone. I think the more time you can spend in the ICU the better as well!

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The ER doc I worked for for the past 2 years took electives that would only help him as an ED doc. I believe he took rads, cards, gas (for intubations).
IMO Rads and Gas would be the 2 best for EM.

Maybe Ortho as well.
Taking Rads as a future EM resident would be helpful, so you can start treatment right away without waiting for official reads.