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Aug 25, 2005
I'm starting this thread to obtain some advice from those of you who are applying this year for the second time. I've noticed from looking at some of your stats that you've been doing very well on this second round of applications. However, I've also noticed that most of you had solid grades to begin with, and are improving your app by gaining more clinical experience.

My question is this: are any of you applying the second time around after having so-so grades on the first round AND doing better in this cycle?

Not to sound pessimistic so early in the game, but I have a suspicious feeling that I may not get accepted anywhere this year. My clinical experience is great and my MCAT score is passable, but the GPA is not so hot, and I don't know how to improve it before applying again.

I'm looking for anything here: inspirational stories, suggestions on what to do to improve my app for the second round, advice on how to make really awesome sculptures out of rejection letters, or maybe just a fellow low GPA applicant in the trenches.



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Aug 26, 2004
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A) You may want to post this in the Re-Applicants Forum

B) You are speculating that it will be your grades that are keeping you from acceptance. If you do not get accepted this cycle, then contact the schools and see which ones will talk to you about your application. Some, not all, will do this. They may even be able to tell you where you need strengthening.

C) If it is indeed your grades, do you have the time to do a post-bac or coursework masters? I'd recommend that.

Inspiration: I had crappy undergrad GPA, great grad GPA, decent MCAT, and OK ECs and I'm a first-year, US allopathic med student.

My best advice is not to give up on this cycle yet.

I'd need more info about your individual situation to be of more help.