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Advice needed! Have to decide soon - to do or not do this MSc in Public Health?


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Aug 29, 2017
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Hello, I am hoping to get some advice and input here. I have a Bachelor of Science in Communication and have done some freelance work for major pharmacies writing content. I have the opportunity to study abroad in the UK for an MSc in Public Health. It is at a LOW ranked university (but the university has a good reputation). It is in an area I know and love and have been to many times. The cost would be around 16-17k USD. It's one of my dreams to live in the UK, but now I'm having cold feet.

I'm worried that the Public Health degree will get me nowhere and it will just be money and effort wasted with the chance to live in the UK for a little over a year (12-14 months to be exact). I have been agonizing over the decision on whether to go forward and pursue the MSc in Public Health.

One thing that bothers me is that the director of the program brushes off emails and doesn't reply to them if there is a question. I have also searched LinkedIn looking for students who have graduated from this program to see what they are doing right now. I have only been able to find 3-4 people and two of them are now lecturers in the program. The other one is not working by choice and doesn't need to work because her husband supports her.

So I am left at a standstill and sort of panicking. A part of me is worried that if I don't do it, I will regret it. What I wanted to do with this degree is use it to allow me to work in health communication. I'm also interested in maternal/child health. I'm also not sure how this degree would appear to employers in the US since the school I would be attending is not a well known UK university and most people probably haven't even heard of it. I seem to read stories online constantly of people who can't find a job after graduating with their Public Health degrees (whether it be MPH or MSc).

My other idea is to take 3 more pre reqs anda apply to master's Speech Pathoogy programs (I minored in Communication Disorders).

Any and all advice is appreciated. I need to make a decision very soon.


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Jan 6, 2015
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First ask yourself whether you want to go into public health or speech pathology. If it's the former, you have to decide between the MSc at a little known university in the UK vs a CEPH-accredited US MPH program. If it's the latter, take the prereqs and apply to speech pathology programs.
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