Dec 3, 2013
When I submitted my application in the beginning of June, I thought I had my life figured out. I was sure I would attend LECOM's Postbacc Program in Erie so I put that down in planned coursework for the fall. I've been told that was a rookie mistake. Oh, well. Moving forward. Now, because of family, I'm rethinking this decision and strongly considering Wayne's MBS Program to stay close to my mom, who hasn't been doing well recently. I live in Michigan so LECOM is 4 hours away and Wayne is only 40 mins.

Problem is, I already have two interviews (LECOM and Detroit Mercy) and I'm worried how they (and the other 10 schools I've applied to) will perceive this change. How would I go a about informing them and will it look horrible that I changed my plans after submitting the application? LECOM requires students to take 15 credits (as a postbacc program) while full time at Wayne is about 8 (masters program) so this is also a factor. I've heard great things about both programs so I'm not worried about the quality of the education and how much it will help me.

I think I'm a decent applicant - hence the interviews. 3.3sGPA, 3.4cGPA, 22AA 22TS 20PAT 23RC, mailed "first batch".

Help guys! Any ideas how detrimental this could be, if at all?


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Jun 21, 2015
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I would email all the schools you applied to, including the two with interviews, and inform them of your decision to switch programs. Assuming the programs are somewhat similar, I don't think this would be an issue. If you were simply abandoning the LECOM program in favor of doing no program, then it might raise an eyebrow. I think you'll be fine though. Best wishes to your mom.