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Nov 11, 2015
So I have posted before about possibly postponing my 9/1 test date until January. I am a rising junior so taking it in September is obviously pretty early.

My goal has been around 514-515, but I just took the scored and scored 512 (129/126/130/127). Obviously I feel like I should postpone but at the moment I am feeling so burnt out and don't know how I can study more (along with the fall semester beginning with work + lab). Anyways I am a texas resident and my top pick would be Baylor. I have a 3.93 GPA. At this point do you think I should wait and sharpen up and take in January, or just get this thing finally over with?

Here are my other scores.

NS1: 511 NS2: 509 NS3:507 NS5: 512 EK1: 74% EK2: 73% SB: 77/82/72

Sample: 78/83/78/88

Thanks for the help!