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May 5, 2011
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
So I took the GREs this week and scored V 460, M 760.
Going through the verbal section I wasn't very confident and felt like I had to guess more than I should have. I also didn't finish the section on time and left out 4 or 5 questions unanswered. Should I retake the new revised GRE to get a better verbal score? I know combined the score isn't that bad but it's really skewed.

Before you answer you should also know that my undergrad GPA isn't that great either. I graduated with a BA Bio and a 2.9.
Since I've taken pre-reqs however, my overall GPA has gone up to 3.02.

Bio I/II B+, Chem I/II B+, Physics I/II A, Microbio C-, Orgo I/II C, Animal Physiology D

Psych A, Developmental Psych A, Stat B+, A&P I A-, A&P II B

I know some of these courses aren't required but they're just some that screwed me over in my undergrad years. Should I retake any to try to boost my GPA? What exactly goes into the science GPA?

In addition, I also have 200 hours in an inpatient hospital setting and I've been working part-time as an aide for an outpatient ortho clinic for over a year so over 1000 hours there.

I know there's a lot to consider but I don't know what my next step should be. Thanks for the help in advance.


7+ Year Member
Jul 5, 2011
Physical Therapist
That is a sexy quantitative score! Holy cow!

IMHO, I don't think the verbal score is bad, so I wouldn't retake the GRE.

I don't feel qualified to answer on the classes, so I'll let some other people help with that! :)


7+ Year Member
Dec 17, 2009
I wouldn't retake the GRE, honestly. I stressed myself out SO much about the GRE, especially the verbal section, and didn't get rejected from anywhere.

Take the score and run with it!
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