146/154 GRE score

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Nov 30, 2019
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How "bad" is 146(v)/154(m) vs 150/150 that is a typical minimum required. In other words art 150 really the minimums, or is 300 total a more important number?

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Is there a specific school or set of schools you are worried about?
Currently looking at all public Tx schools. (current GPA=4.0; graduating in May 2025; reasonable amount of obs. hours /volunteering etc.)
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I shadowed a PT that worked on the admissions board for UNC and he told me that if the school states a minimum requirement then you have to meet it in order for them to even consider your application. I am sure this will vary between schools and some may not do this, but definitely something to think about when applying. Some schools list an average GRE score they usually accept/recommend and others have an actual minimum requirement, so it's important to understand what each school you're applying to requires/doesn't. Every program will be different but most will have an admissions email or phone number you can reach out to for specific questions/requirements.

I was in a similar boat with the GRE - I got a 148, 152 on it and was super worried because I didn't have enough time to re-take it before submitting my applications. I ended up choosing not to re-take it because the schools I applied to either didn't require a minimum score or didn't require it at all. For those that did require it, my score was lower than the average score of applicants they usually accept, but other parts of my application were really strong and helped me get interviews/get into those schools. I was offered interviews for every school I applied to and was accepted into most of them.

A lot of schools stopped requiring the GRE after Covid so I would definitely look into your top few schools and really understand what they require and if they have minimums you have to meet. If most schools you're applying to don't have a minimum GRE or don't require it, I would recommend strengthening other parts of your application and making yourself a well-rounded applicant.
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