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Advice needed.

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by acslater99, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. acslater99

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    Oct 27, 2012
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    Hello SDN,

    A little background about myself before I delve into problems.

    I just recently got accepted to my state school as a transfer student from a CC. I'm a rising Junior, who sadly has only taken 1 of the medical school prerequisites (Gen Chem 1). With a really low GPA of 3.2. Reason for that is I took biology and chemistry my last semester at the CC and got a miserable grade for Biology (D) and Chemistry (C) which significantly hurt my GPA.

    Anyway, as I start my new University I plan on retaking Biology but not Chemistry. I've been told by my advisors, although I know a lot of people on here tell others not to listen to them, that I should not retake chemistry and just move on to chemistry 2 but make sure to get an A. Should I retake both? Or stick to the advice I was given and move on?

    This is a plan I created to ensure that I get all the prerequisites done before graduation.

    (Spring 2016) Biology I - D (Will retake)
    (Summer 2016) Biology II -

    (Done) Chemistry I - C
    (Spring 2016) Chemistry II -
    (Fall 2016) Organic Chemistry I -
    (Spring 2017) Organic Chemistry II -

    (Fall 2016) Physics I -
    (Spring 2017) Physics II -

    I graduate the Spring of 2017 and I want to apply to both MD and DO. I also want to apply during the 2017 cycle. Do you guys think it's doable to apply while still taking prerequisites my last semester of college? Also, I would have to take the MCAT during January to April in order to get my scores in time so I can apply early. My last question, being that my schedule is going to be tight, would you advise me to NOT apply the 2017 cycle and opt out for the 2018 cycle? Or do you think it's possible that one can pull it off: getting good grades, while working part time (25 hrs/week) shadowing, research, volunteering, studying for the MCAT. Given all that should I try and make the deadline of applying to the 2017 cycle or not?

    I'm sorry for the long post and I appreciate the time you guys spent reading this to help a fellow premed out. Thank you.
  2. Okazaki Frag Grenade

    Okazaki Frag Grenade Long Live SnugSeal
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    May 1, 2015
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    Well the main difference between MD/DO here is the grade replacement aspect. If you retake bio and chem and get A's, DO will not consider those CC classes, whereas MD will average the two grades together in your GPA. You would definitely just need to kill it from here on and then get a solid score on the MCAT. Schools do consider upward trends in GPA and reward reinvention.

    I would not recommend taking the MCAT before finishing all your pre-reqs though. Physics II and Organic II seemed to have quite a few topics on the MCAT and you're going to want to be sure you have a good handle on that before taking the test. I would hold off for 2018 cycle

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