Aug 4, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I'm going into my first year of University at the University of Saskatchewan. I am an American citizen and am attending university in Canada, because I fell for a Canadian citizen. Plus the university campus is gorgeous, I received a fairly big scholarship (important because I'm a resident of California where everything is sky high in price) and I am given some decent work opportunities starting next summer. Possibly even at a hospital.
I know my GPA for my first two years is the most important thing...followed by volunteer, shadowing and research experiences and that I can apply to take the MCAT during the summer of my second year of university.
My biggest challenge seems to be this...
What Canadian medical schools will accept me as a citizen of the USA? What Californian medical schools with accept me with a Canadian educational background? What can I do to improve my odds of even attending any medical school? Is there a way for me to become a permanent resident by the time I apply to the medical schools?

I'm simply full of unanswered questions!
I would appreciate any responses that can help to shed some light on my predicament.

Thank you!


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Aug 5, 2014
Medical Student
Honestly, Canada is highly unlikely. You can look up websites yourself to find out which ones might take you, but know it's very, very poor chances.
On the bright side, most US schools aren't too hard to get into (lots of Canadians actually get into the US before Canada, even with the extra international/no Visa disadvantage)
So yeah, just be prepared to go to the states. Maybe stay close to the border